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All Natural Ingredients
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In the past people have tried invasive surgery, harsh pharmaceuticals and painful exercises to improve their ejaculatory volume and sexual performance. Now, with the availability of Maxatin those archaic attempts at solving sexual challenges are finally being put aside by anyone who is serious about maintaining their health.

Maxatin makes use of several all natural ingredients including amino acids, plant extracts and organic minerals that have been proven for centuries to provide important nutritional value. Obviously we are unwilling to publish the complete formula we use because it would cause other companies to attempt to duplicate our results, so we do need to maintain our competitive advantage. However, we have listed some of the ingredients below with brief descriptions of each so that knowledgeable consumers can see why Maxatin works without any side-effects. When you choose to use only the ingredients that are already found within your body, it becomes possible to avoid health risks while achieving real results.

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Examples From The Maxatin Ingredients List:

  • L-Arginine HCl / L-Lysine HCl: both are amino acids required for your body to synthesize nitric oxide, which enables the arterial system to retain its youthful elasticity, thus alleviating hypertension in some people. Very important to produce hormones.

  • Muira Puama: barks and roots are used in the treatment of sexual impotence and erection issues. The Marapuama is considered a natural aphrodisiac, sensibly increasing your libido.

  • L-Carnitine Fumarate: promotes healthy fat metabolism, oxygenation of the heart muscle, and enhances high intensity training. It provides dual support for energy production and cardiovascular function in addition to providing a stable form of carnitine.

  • Pumpkin: is a good source of fiber and can help curb the appetite; prostate and sexual performance booster.

  • Maca Tuber: testosterone levels in men are increased. It also contains a variety of trace minerals, including iron, copper and iodine as well as saponins and alkaloids.

  • Cranberry: they are both a mild diuretic and antiseptic which help to keep the bladder and urinary tract healthy and free of bacteria.

  • Sarsaparilla RT: especially useful for adolescents who exhibit skin problems related to diet and hormonal changes.

  • Zinc (as oxide): Zinc aids in sperm motility and quality. It is also is very important in the metabolism of testosterone.

  • Other ingredients Include: Microcrystalline Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide, Licorice and more!

Maxatin Saves You Money

Even if you had the complete list of ingredients and the exact formula Maxatin uses, it would cost you hundreds of times more to make your own than it costs to get your health supplements from our state-of-the-art facilities. Maxatin makes many thousands of bottles every year and we purchase our ingredients from the finest herb growers and ethical farming communities. The total price if you add up all the ingredients would normally be much higher than the price we are able to offer because of the massive volume we import each year. Those volume discounts get passed on to all of our clients and allow us to give you the real results you desire at a price you can easily afford.

Ethical Farming And Fair Trade

Some companies look at two suppliers of the same ingredients and only ask which one can provide what they need at the lowest possible cost. Maxatin looks more deeply into the suppliers and vendors we utilize because we know that it has a profound effect on the eventual overall quality of our product. If the people working for a company that supplies Microcrystalline Cellulose aren't happy with their working conditions, they don't do as good a job hand selecting ingredients as their counterparts at another farm supplying the same ingredient, even if it's at a slightly higher price. People who work hard and do a good job deserve to be paid a fair wage for their performances. Maxatin maintains our pledge every day to work with ethical companies who treat their own employees fairly so that we can be a part of the fair trade solution world wide.

Renewable Resources And Our Environmental Impact Statement

The ingredients in Maxatin have been farmed for centuries and are presently in great abundance. Now as their medicinal values are becoming better known there is a growing rush toward harvesting them. The massive agricultural machines used today to harvest rare herbs and ingredients for our formula at a much faster pace than was ever possible in an earlier era. Maxatin takes our ecological responsibilities seriously and we make great efforts to be sure that we are renewing our sources of all natural ingredients so that future generations have access to all of the important environmental benefits that our clients now enjoy.

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